MIP 004 - dHedge Treasury Solution


Maple DAO to invest $100,000 from its Treasury in dHEDGE dTOP Index.


dHEDGE Top Index (dTOP) is DeFi’s first actively managed index. According to their recent Medium post, dHEDGE is a unique tool for DAOs due to the following features:

Transparency - Pool managers’ past trading activity and track record is clearly visible
Self Custody - Investors keep custody and control over their positions in the pools, they can withdraw whenever they see fit and not have to abide by anyone’s schedule
Competitive Performance - Managers on dHEDGE are automatically analyzed across multiple metrics. Investors can allocate capital to pools on performance, risk, strategy and other categories
Receive performance mining reward - For participation in dHEDGE pools, investors can earn extra rewards in DHT tokens, currently around 15% APY
Multi-sig capability - DAO’s can manage dHEDGE investments using multi-sig through the dHEDGE app on Gnosis Safe


After a successful initial token distribution in April, the Maple DAO currently has funds available for investment in the Treasury. By committing $100,000 USDC to the dHEDGE dTOP Index, Maple would be able to earn interest on a portion of its Treasury and benefit from the features outlined above. This proposal is aligned with Maple’s mission of supporting the DeFi ecosystem & enables us to build partnerships with DAOs whose values align with our own. We see the potential for Maple to also be used as a treasury management solution for DAOs to deposit liquidity in future pools.

For Position

Maple DAO should invest $100,000 USDC of its Treasury into the dHEDGE dTOP Index.

Against Position

Maple DAO should NOT invest $100,000 USDC of its Treasury into the dHEDGE dTOP Index.

Author: Katya Ternopolska
Date Created: 05/27/2021
Discussion: Maple
Maple Improvement Proposal: MIP-004


Requirement of 30 upvotes fulfilled- voting period opens 6:30pm ET on May 28, 2021 and will end 6:30pm ET on June 4, 2021.

On close of the voting period on June 4:
41 registered Mapes
28 in favor (68.3%)
1 abstention (2.4%)
0 opposed (0%)
12 did not vote (29.3%)

This fulfills the requirement of 20% Mape participation with over 70% of registered Mapes voting.

The proposal passes & updates will be shared when implemented! :pancakes::gorilla::tada:

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Proposal has been executed on June 22, 2021
$100,000 USDC from the Maple Treasury was transferred to sUSD and invested in the dHEDGE Top Index (dTOP).

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